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Stay confident, sexy and feeling your best during pregnancy!

Click here to be a fit mama and join the Knocked-Up Fitness Membership for all 3 trimesters from the comfort of your own home.  Strengthen your Core during pregnancy and learn step-by-step with video instruction how to do the PUSH PREP METHOD to increase your chances of a faster delivery! 

Click here if you want your abs back after baby. Have you got Diastasis Recti? What to do about the dreaded mommy bum? Join the Core Restore Program today and get your body confidence back!

Click here for The guide to pregnancy E-book. Full of valuable information about exercise during pregnancy, The PUSH PREP METHOD, how to prevent Diastasis Recti and so much more! Use on its own or alongside your Knocked-Up Fitness Membership.


Knocked-Up Fitness Membership

Stay confident, sexy and feeling your best during pregnancy!
Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to lose your confidence mama!
Learn to properly strengthen your core, improve how you feel physically and emotionally, boost your confidence, prepare your body for birth, have a speedier delivery {which means less stress on baby}, and easier recovery postpartum!


What’s Inside The Core Rehab Program

Lifetime Access to the entire 6-Phase Core Rehab Program
Phases 1-3 are released 2 weeks apart and Phases 4-6 are released 3 weeks apart
Access to all your digital streaming tutorials and workouts from any device
Printable Guides for tutorials and workouts
Over 14 hours of tutorials and workouts (70 videos!!!)
Beginner {under 30 minutes} and Intermediate {30-60 minutes} Workout Schedule options
Early Phases many workouts and tutorials 10-15 minutes, later phases 15-25 minutes.
BONUS Section!
Exclusive access to private Facebook group
Access to any updates made in the future

This is a lifestyle program – one that is to educate while also improving balance throughout your body, core strength and overall full body strength, coordination, fascial connections and healing incontinence, back pain, diastasis recti and much more, or preventing them too!!


The Knocked-Up Fitness Guide to Pregnancy Book

Over 50 exercises!
Erica’s Push Prep Method to help prepare your body for an easier delivery and faster recovery.
Exercises to address common pregnancy discomforts such as; round ligament, back, hips, neck, sciatic
Methods for addressing diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
Safe and effective exercises to stay fit in as little as 10 minutes a day so you may have a faster delivery, healthier baby, and quicker return to your pre-baby body.
Plus a bonus section: Your first steps to getting your body back after baby.