About the Studio

Breathing Yoga was established in 2010 by owner Vera Smith.  This teaching space has become more of a community than just a yoga studio.  From hosting annual fundraisers “Yoga for good” in aid of animal shelters to helping students live healthier lifestyles, teaching better food choices, resulting in many a lives changed …and many a kg lost! Giving students a space where they can connect with their breath, their true nature and help them bridge the gap between an abstract yoga idea and it’s real-world practical application is our passion.

By joining this community of caring individuals you will find the balance and peace you’ve been looking for, and the added bonus of a more sculpted and toned body!

The studio offers a whole range of classes suitable for every and any body.  Ranging from beginner yoga to advanced classes, mat Pilates, Pre/post natal classes and one-on-one private sessions.

Please go to Schedule for a description of classes offered at the studio!