Booking is essential.  Please email us to reserve your spot!

Tuesday 17:00 Beginner Vinyasa Flow 18:00 Sculpt & firm Pilates
Wednesday TBA
Thursday 17:00 Sculpt & firm Pilates 18:00 Vinyasa Flow Open
Saturday 07:00 Morning garden Flow * 08:00 Candlelight Restorative Yoga

*  Weather permitting, class may be moved indoors. Class cancelled for Winter from 22 June 1019

Class description:

 Beginner Vinyasa Flow: 

Perfect for students new to yoga! This is a slow flowing class, done in the studio, where movement is still linked to breath. Work will be done on standing, forward and back bending poses and a LOT of core strength.  Even in this beginner class you will get your heart rate up and work up a good sweat.  Students work at their own pace and modifications are always given where necessary. By moving intelligently from the start, we build the strength and flexibility that is the foundation of a strong yoga practice. The class always ends with Savasana so you will walk out relaxed and re-energized.

Vinyasa Flow Open: 

Vinyasa Flow found its roots in Ashtanga yoga and incorporates movement with deep breathing. Vinyasa is great for building muscle tone, strength and stamina, stress relief, core strength and greater mobility if you are looking for general health and well being on a mind and physical level. The result is a smooth, flowing class that becomes almost dance-like.  This class is suitable for fit and able bodies, NOT suited to beginners.  You will be challenged with flowing poses, arm balances, inversions and balancing poses.  You will walk out refreshed, re-energized and completely relaxed.

Morning garden Flow 

Similar to Beginner Vinyasa Flow, but done outside in our beautiful garden!

*This class is weather permitting, might be moved indoors.

Restorative candlelight Yoga 

This Restorative Yin inspired class is suited to all levels.  The class is done with support from pillows, blocks and blankets and emphasis is put on the breath during these long holds of poses, immersing in the sensations in the body, following the breath with the mind .  After the stretching portion a meditation follows by candle light.  This is a class for anyone looking to destress and reconnect with their higher self.

Sculpt & firm Pilates 

Pilates is a system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, with a big emphasis on core strength and correct spinal alignment.  Pilates like yoga is mind/body orientated, attention will be given to the breath and precise execution of the exercise.   There is a cardio component to this class for maximum calorie burn while building long lean muscle.