“Peaceful, passionate, selfless, engaging, spiritual, magical and determined. These are words I would use to describe Vera. With a pure and caring approach, Vera creates a calm and supportive environment ensuring that each person’s confidence and practice in yoga is developed. The love and attention that Vera gives to her students is something you won’t experience anywhere else. My journey into the practice of yoga began about two years ago with the sole aim to get physically strong. Vera supported me throughout my development and made me feel calmer and more relaxed in my life. When I’m attending my yoga practice, I forget all the stresses and thoughts that are running around in my head and go home feeling relaxed and refreshed. I would highly recommend attending Vera’s classes, be it beginner or more advanced, as Vera really knows how to bring out the best of each person.”   –   NATALIE

“Vera is an outstanding personal fitness instructor and a life coach! She has completely transformed the way I exercise and think about exercising! Her attention to detail and her focused presence during our private sessions has helped me tremendously in achieving my fitness and toning goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”   –   SUSAN

“Vera is an excellent teacher. She can do all the yoga poses herself and will not expect me to do a pose she has not mastered herself. She is extremely dedicated and has incredible work ethic. My yoga practice has gone from strength to strength since I joined her studio 6 months ago. I find that a combination of Pilates and weight training has greatly assisted my yoga practice under the watchful eye of Vera. Vera has assisted me in achieving yoga poses I have seen on Pinterest and I never thought it would be possible to achieve in such a short period of time. The private lessons are a great way to set goals for yourself and to work hard at achieving them with the help of a truly amazing and inspiring teacher!”CHANTEL

In 2006 I was diagnosed with MS which mainly affects the right half of my body. This disease that affects the flow of information from the central nervous system to the rest of the body had unfortunately put a stop to training with a personal trainer at gym in 2011. I started with Yoga in January 2012 and eventually doing Pilates at a later stage to try finding new avenues that would improve my mental and physical well-being. Taking up these challenges for the first time was extremely challenging due to MS but Vera had the utmost patience with me and made sure I felt welcomed and part of the group. The beginner Yoga class with Vera has improved my breathing techniques significantly along with my flexibility, while Pilates has helped my physical well-being with an improved core allowing my body to function better with the MS . I would definitely recommend Vera to anyone as this has improved my mental and physical wellness for the better and lead to me living a much more improved lifestyle even though I have MS.”   –   MARINDA

Vera has been my personal private Pilates trainer for the past 6 years.  I have done individual as well as group work with her.  What I appreciate about her most is that she lives her work and the spiritual principles she teaches.  She is kind.  She is patient.  She is understanding and emphatic.  She is totally integrity with her teachings, but still she is able to be practical about the implementation of it all in daily life and living!  She is able to read my needs and adjust my training accordingly.  She astounds me with her expertise and knowledge of her subject field and constantly challenges me by bringing in new exercises and new layers of the same movements.  I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to have Vera as my trainer and mentor and highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in conscious, healthy living!”   –   TANIA

“Vera runs her group classes with the utmost care and professionalism. There is always a modification for each exercise depending on your own level of fitness and strength. She inspires each individual to do their best and gently encourages the group to always try a new exercise even when our facial expressions clearly states that we don’t believe we will get it right. Vera is always on time and ready for a class. She does not tolerate tardiness and the general feeling in her classes are that we are there to work. I appreciate her work ethic and I have seen a massive change in my strength and flexibility.”CHANTEL

Before getting to the crux of this, please allow me to tell you a bit about myself to place this testimonial in context.  I am 45 years old (almost 46 – yikes!) and a mom with a very demanding, stressful job.  I am one of those unfortunate people who are just inherently not fit or sporty and that always battles with her weight. I have tried just about everything:  gym, spinning, Run/Walk for Life, aerobics ….. nothing resounded with me and I always ended up giving up.  Sound familiar? Well, I have been attending Vera’s classes for 6 years now.  That says a lot about the value that it has added to my life, not only on a physical but also on a spiritual level.  Apart from being able to do a headstand (not something I ever thought I would achieve!), I have learned to breathe through my stress.  The classes are my few hours of quality “me-time” every week when I can forget about work, kids, dogs and all the other stresses of daily life.  Best of all, Vera will progress you according to your own comfort level – not that of the class – and there is no pressure to do any move that you are not comfortable with. You can adjust your moves according to what your body allows and is comfortable with.  My husband has started coming to class with me once a week – he loves it! – and my daughter (age 15) is joining now.  I would highly recommend Vera’s yoga classes to anybody.”   –   LARA

Breathing Yoga is the place to go for wonderfully guided yoga in a calm setting.  I have enjoyed the Vinyasa yoga as well as the Restorative yoga and can also highly recommend the Pilates for results too.  She is friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive and is superb at instructing basic, intermediate and advanced yoga, taking into account everyone’s different ability levels.  Vera is the life in Breathing Yoga, a better yoga coach I have not seen.”   –   GAIL

“In the four years that I have been practising yoga, I have learnt many things – how to manage pain, how to manage stress, and most of all, how to love my body. This last part has never been easy to me, even less so since being diagnosed with Lupus. Loving a “broken” body seems impossible especially when you are too tired to get out of bed or when your entire body aches from doing something as menial as sitting in traffic. Yoga, however, has allowed me the peace of mind I needed to deal with my diagnosis. Had it not been for Vera, I would probably never have achieved any semblance of inner peace. She is truly an amazing instructor, radiating a calming effect that very few people possess. This is also evident in her classes as she never pushes you to do more than your body will allow. She treats all of her students with such compassion and care, creating a very warm, peaceful environment in which to practice the beautiful art of yoga.” – NADIA

“Breathing Yoga provides a friendly, relaxing atmosphere where people at any fitness level can enjoy getting fit, toned and relaxed.  I joined Breathing Yoga to tone my body, and I gained so much more.  The calm, supportive environment provides motivation to do your very best.  Vera is attentive to ensure each person is working within their personal ability, taking their pre-existing conditions into account.  Vera guides the students to perform each pose or exercise correctly for the optimum result.    I absolutely love being part of the Pilates and Yoga classes at Breathing Yoga!  Highly recommended.” – MAGDEL

“Yoga with Vera is an amazing experience.  The classes are so welcoming and full of positive energy.  Vera is helpful and mindful of each person in her classes.  She makes each class exciting and interesting.  No class is ever the same!  Vera is inspiring and so motivating that she keeps you coming back for more classes.  I highly recommend yoga and Pilates with Vera!”KYLIE